The Paradox of Subjugation

Do I suffer attachment to people? Only on occasions; when the fire behind someone’s eyes ignites a flame in psyche that fuels my furnace for days - it’s a beautiful thing though.

More so, the attachment I suffer is to experiences - the marriage between placement and timing. I’ll be there, in the park, when all of a sudden, vivid images of the past arise to haunt me:

“Hey, remember the warming energy of the coffee shop you stumbled upon yesterday?”

Or the more confusing:

“Remember that dream you had when you were in third grade? You know, the one where you showed up to school without a shirt on and your stomach hung over pant belt like a garbage bag full of jello? That one was so funny because you were SOOO self conscious of yourself.”

Hey, thanks conscious, that’s great to remember right now in the middle of yoga.

I will become so utterly consumed in memories that I forget that there are trillions of more experiences artfully being crafted all around me. All I have to do to access them is bounce off the diving board into the ever-flowing spring of possibilities. Instead, however, I am paused in the middle of my triangle pose, pondering how many vegan food trucks there are in Austin, Texas.

Through my drilled-in desire to label and subjugate experiences like Yelp reviews, I place chain linked fences all around me, barricading myself from the now - the continuous flow of life.

I remain looking out into the divine Earth, fingers interlaced with chain links, glancing out like a house dog looking out of the windows of his owner’s suburban home. And while the grass may not be greener on the other side of the fence, it’s damn worth rolling around in and receiving stains on my shirt like stamps from mother nature.

Once I let go of my urge to subjugate, judge and REMEMBER, I become the sum of my past, present, and future. All. At. Once.

Essentially, I become a superhuman, capable of extending my reach to any and every facet of the universe. Because I don’t reach this state often, I heal - healing whatever surfaces - usually the past. For when I go back and trim the overgrown weeds of my past, I allow space to be more present in the future.

Now, when I start to entangle my brain in weeds of thought, I allow them to flow from ear to ear like temporary gusts flowing under a bridge. Instead of eliminating the thoughts, I acknowledge their existence and kindly let them know that this space is vacant for only the most endearing house guests.

Physics of Spirit

    Life is not to be taken too seriously. You are born into a space that is crowded with philosophies and systems that attempt to subject you to particular treatment. While it’s healthy to understand these predetermined conventions exist, which ones you choose to abide by and which ones you choose to isolate require a balance of intuition and instinct; you can’t remove the laws of our world, but you don’t have to live in compliance with them.

   Often, a good way of determining which laws are better made obsolete and which laws cohere with your nature is to separate yourself from all conventions for a period of time. Let life happen to you. You will likely become seemingly alone for a period of time as you separate yourself from the conventions you are familiar with, but a beautiful event will occur: life will start aligning without any planning. 

   The desires you once had, you forget, then they start to manifest. The dreams you’ve had unfold into the physical, and you begin your dance with spirit. 

   The moment you realize life is happening without your direct intervention, thoughts will attempt to intervene. Simply let them pass through like a free flowing interstate; don’t let a traffic jam form. As the cars continue to pass, they will soon become quiet, then your next desire will manifest.

   When you don’t know what to do - don’t. do. shit. Forcing yourself to move on to a new activity will only create a traffic jam.

   If you’re thinking “that’s great, but I want to do stuff with my life; I can’t afford to ‘let life happen to me,’” then you are on the same train of thought most of us have been on for a large portion of our lives. If you desire to be successful, hold immense trust in the abilities of the greater divine. There is no direct path to our dreams, which is why our brain isn’t responsible for the outcome of our situation - our heart is. Trusting that we will be fed when we are hungry, without mapping the entire journey out, is crucial to our success, or more importantly: happiness. 

   Our dreams are not math equations to be solved by plugging in numbers. They are the most complex mathematics a mathematician has ever laid her eyes on. Shit so complicated it’s a black hole of understanding - the only way to reach it is to follow the pull of gravity. 

   When you let go of trying to control your life, magic starts happening. Things begin to occur that fill your heart with joy. Desires you may have always held will become frivolous, or they will create a clear path for you to continue your hike.

  When you stop placing destinations, you start reaching them.


Much love & namaste,

Ryan <3


   What often brings us close to happiness is a path compiled of habits, relationships, and thoughts that do not serve our greater well being. Say you’re in a maze, and the goal at the finale of the maze is happiness, certain paths will take you close to the goal, separated only by a thin wall, yet will never allow you to reach happiness. The wall cannot be broken. If you try to break the wall, you will become stuck in the routines and thoughts that have brought you up to the wall; repetition of habits from your unaware self will not let you become happy. 

   Perhaps taking acid or some other psychedelic has brought you close to happiness before, so much so you became complete happiness for a period of time, yet after the acid wore off, you only saw happiness, you weren’t happiness. The acid granted you a bird’s-eye view of the maze, but like anything that goes up, you had to return to the maze, confined within its walls. Taking acid another time, you may take an even higher bird’s-eye view of the maze, yet again you will return. Repeatedly taking acid will not allow you the power to break through the wall between you and happiness.

    The only way to arrive at happiness is to embark on a new path. 

    Begin peeling back layers of habits, removing all excess. Remove the habits that bring temporary joy: lusftul sex, eating processed foods, tobacco, eating sugar, staying up late, waking up late - whatever habits you do not own control of. Regain the ability to live without these habits. Each layer you peel off your shell is a step closer to happiness. Eventually, you will find yourself facing the path that leads directly to happiness, and you will know it. The only thing you will need to be happy here is your breath. 

   Facing the path to happiness, you are able to see all other paths in the maze. You will see that they do not lead to an outing of the maze. All the while, you will be tempted, as the path to happiness is the one with no desires.

   Once you embark on the path to happiness, there will be confusion because it too shares practices with your previous paths. You will eat, but not indulge. You can have sex, but not to fulfill your sexual craving. You can smoke weed, but not to get high. You can have sugar, but not to satisfy your sweet tooth. Our brains complicate these truths turning them into riddles, which we will get caught in, satisfying our desires instead of remaining true. However, we must forgive ourselves and continue to head straight, now better understanding of our own ego. There is not a reason to knowingly head back towards a wall; happiness is the way out of the maze. 

   I’m only at the beginning of the path to happiness as well, still falling down, still abiding by my desires, and still taking wrong turns. Yet, when I am in awareness of the bird’s-eye view, I continue heading straight. 


Much love & Sat Nam, Namaste


Ryan <3


Dragon Ball 2: Dimensions

   The last blog post I linked Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods to the ancient theories of balance - yin and yang. As a kid, I never caught on. However re-watching the series again now I see that there are immense ties between the writing in Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) and Buddhism, Taoism, and other ancient and modern spiritual wisdom. Balance, being an essential part of the foundation of a spiritual life, I covered in the first post. Now, we’ll take a more in depth look at the knowledge embedded in this show, starting with dimensions!

Who woulda eva thunk it.

   Lord Beerus, from Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, mentions he is the God of destruction for his respective dimension - the third dimension. Along with this, he reveals there are 12 dimensions, each with its own respective universe. Dimensions, being separated from each other based off of their different frequency ranges, are a large scaled chakra system, with their being 12 main earthly chakras. 

   The 13th chakra people speak of is the base chakra of our higher self, the part of our being existing in a higher dimension, which is why we cannot connect with our 13th chakras vibrating in our current third dimensional form. When we are existing in the 4th dimension, however, we are able to feel our 13th chakras, as we are vibrating on a frequency that is high enough to resonate with it. While many souls don’t transcend into their higher selves until they pass away from their earthly form, through practices such as meditation, yoga, breath work, art, and universal empathy (extending empathy to all lifeforms through people’s daily practices, such as eating), people are able to have experiences in the 4th dimension, existing through their higher selves. 

   In the same way we generally only exist within our twelve earthly chakras remaining unaware of our higher leveled chakras, we can currently only mathematically prove the existence of twelve dimensions, having only explored the 3rd dimension, the one we exist on. Much like our personal chakra systems, there is a 13th dimension. However, there is such a large gap in frequencies between the third dimension and the thirteenth dimension that humans are unable to prove its existence via any mathematical means, thus far. Not until our tools of comprehending the universe incorporate 4th dimensional knowledge will we be able to verify the existence of the 13th dimension. 

   To connect this back into Dragon Ball Z, our dimension has a system of “checks and balances,” with Lord Beerus being the means of destruction for the third dimension so that new creation can ensue. As he reveals however, his teacher, Whis, is the God of Destruction for the 4th dimension/4th universe. In the the third dimension, Whis ages over the course of thousands of years, as time is interacts with matter of the 4th dimension much differently than ours. Whis is also amazingly powerful, he hardly exerts any energy when battling with third dimensional beings as he possesses inner-power that allows him to thrive at a level high beyond that of third-dimensional lifeforms. Also, revealing that Whis is a 4th dimension being brings light to the fact that beings of higher frequency universes can travel to lower frequency universes, whereas there is much more resistance to move up into a higher dimension or universe.

, that’s hefty. Watch the entertainment you consume with an intent to see light, wisdom, and truth and that is what you will see.

Much love explorers. Keep searching, keep creating, and keep watching Dragon Ball Z!



Dragon Ball 1: Destruction & Creation

For there to be creation, first there must be destruction.

   Renewal - destruction and then creation - occurs when an energy becomes an untested force of destructive power. Destruction brings upon destruction. The energy we project is thrown out into the universe, and like a boomerang, is bound to return to us. If we create, new manifestations will occur in our lives. If we destroy, we will not have the means to create new manifestations in our lives; we may start to build, but it will remain unstable until we make the base of our soul creation. Every thought and action is heard and understood by a force that is higher than us, that is why those with quiet minds see God in everything. 

   In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Lord Beerus, God of destruction in the third dimension (the dimension where Earth and the phenomena of Dragon Ball Z resides), travels to Earth, sees humans as an overruling race with egos higher than their actual status in the universe, and decides to destroy the Earth based upon humans’ devastating nature. However, after seeing Earth’s most powerful inhabitant, Goku, set his ego aside himself, admitting he cannot defeat Lord Beerus in battle and endangering his life to protect Earth, Lord Beerus grants Earth mercy, promising to return in three years to check the status of humans. While not in the form of a physical, life-like entity, Lord Beerus represents the Universe’s check and balance system, being an enforcer of karma. 

   Right now, we can see the havoc that humans are bringing to the Earth. With our inflated egos allowing us to believe that we can do whatever we want without any consequences, the Earth is revolting against us. Because of human activity, the Earth is deteriorating. However, the Earth is not going to face extinction, we will. Our destructive habits such as mass animal agriculture, over-population, and the way we personally treat other beings on Earth, are leading to global warming (which is killing us), deforestation of the Earth’s “lungs” such as the Amazon (which is killing us), smog (which is killing us), soil degradation (killing us), massive loss of bees (killing us) - you get the point, everything we do that harms the Earth harms us, and we’re the ones who can be wiped out because it… not the Earth. Just as Lord Beerus keeps unbalanced forces of destruction in check, the Universe maintains balance among all energy. 

Forgetting Mars

   It's been a while since I've wrote. I go through waves of time where I write my ideas or talk with others about my ideas. Both of them are necessary for me, as when I do either of them solely I notice an unbalance begin to occur in my life. 

   Being that I’ve been speaking more than writing recently, I’ve strengthened my relationship with Kim (my girlfriend), Andre, and other close friends, as well as built new relationships upon verbally sharing ideas. Not only do others hear my thoughts, I get the chance to learn from what others know, an exchange that doesn’t typically occur with writing. I have focused in on expressing myself concisely, so that others receive honesty when interacting with me, and when others receive honesty, they exert honesty. In the few weeks I’ve been spending in my hometown recently, I’ve had little in the way of small talk with people, which I find incredible because I’ve never been close with many of these people. In the few minutes we do see each other, we are [usually] able to look each other in the eye, talking heart to heart, and thinking back on all the small talk I have made in the past, is almost unbelievable.

   However, not writing as much has rendered me mentally anxious at times, even though I recognize this is a condition I have subconsciously created for myself. Writing relocates ideas from my mind and moves them into the physical plane, whether it be onto paper or onto a computer screen. Without that process, ideas begin to cycle around my head, moving in and out of my conscious focus. Much like an update on a phone, I can dismiss it, but if I don’t update it, the notification to do so will continuously pop up. Whether it be once an hour, once a day, or once a week, IT. JUST. WONT. GO. AWAY. 

   Writing is my mental update. As much as I may will for my brain to internalize that new idea I learned on Monday about chakras, it will decide to fade in and out of my focus until I sit down, write it, and expand upon it. 

   Relocation from oneself to the physical plane takes many forms other than writing, in fact, that simple process is what defines art. You may find your solace in taking photos, editing photos, cooking, making music, playing video games, working out, creating drinks, talking, or you may find it inside of ALL of those things, just as I do. Remember, however, that while they may all deserve a place in your life for different reasons, they are all manifestations of one phenomena: art.


   WOOOOO! That felt good to write. Releasing pockets of internal creative energy is ssooooo necessary, however, I’m going to refrain from writing more on that (for now) so I can share this poem I wrote with you.


Forgetting Mars:

Progressing in awe as I move towards the stars.

I’ve gotten close to Mars, but decided to simply: not.

History rests there that I do not want to touch. 

An artist once said, “I can’t see what I can’t relate to,”

So it appears that history is where we’re headin.

But heads turnin and shreddin the reflection

Past down from an upward direction.

Dropping tools of maceration

That cause only lacerations to Earth’s lively skin.

Looking up to Mars for inspiration within, 

Reading bright signs the unblind defend.

They read “please, do not do this again.”


Meanwhile, the media will play dumbfound.

Uprooting the ground while they make enough sound

To hold the blind down.

With an open look around we’ll realize:

This is home, now!

But when we act in opposition to our mother’s good-will,

Breaking all the house rules and making mother ill,

We’re forcing her decision to move us out

So she can heal.

Thank you for taking time to read about me write about my thoughts. By reading this, you are lending me your own energy, and I appreciate that from you infinitely. 

Thank you, from the bottom of my growing, glowing, green heart <3


Plant-Based Nutrition

   Wolves eat meat. They are carnivores. They have teeth meant for tearing into meat. They have digestion tracks 1/3 the length that of humans, that way the meat they eat can digested and turned into waste within twenty four hours, getting all the nutrients it can within that time. It’s a perfect process, designed by nature. 

   When humans eat meat, however, the process isn’t as perfect. Humans, having a digestive track three times the length of a carnivore’s digestive track, can not process meat in a healthy manner. While meat does contain protein, it taxes the body with up to three days of digestion. In those three days, the body sends ample amounts of energy to digestion instead of to muscle recovery (this is why those who eat plant based foods recover from workouts faster), mental focus, and supporting the immune system. Plant based foods, on the other hand, never take more than twenty four hours to digest, allowing the body’s energy to spent on muscle recovery, mental focus, supporting the immune system, and whatever the person wants to focus her energy on! Twenty four hours is also the same amount of time it naturally takes for carnivores to digest their food; digestion shouldn’t naturally take up to three days. 

   Defending meat as a source of nutrition, one with “complete proteins,” foregoes the fact that meat has dietary cholesterol, which humans should not consume as the body produces the appropriate amount of cholesterol without an dietary input (and dietary cholesterol leads to higher blood cholesterol levels and can lead to coronary artery disease) and nutrients that are difficult for the body to absorb. For the human body, getting protein from plants is more beneficial as the body can absorb the protein and other nutrients easily, within one day, putting less stress on all parts of the body.

   With the myth of complete proteins, where foods that only contain all eight essential amino acids are believed to be vital for the body, many people choose meat as a go-to option as a source of protein. However, the human body can survive off of one plant food alone or a combination of plant foods, even if it doesn’t contain all eight amino acids, healthfully. When a variety of plant-based whole foods are the staple of one’s diet, the body will receive a sufficient amount of all amino acids, minerals, and nutrients, including protein. None the less, for those still concerned about receiving “complete” proteins, here is a list of plant based proteins with all eight amino acids: quinoa, buckwheat (not actually wheat; gluten-free), hempseed, chia seed, and soy (edamame, tempeh, tofu). 

   Although, not all nutrients from plant sources are alike. Most whole foods (whole fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc) in grocery stores are at least five days old - five days from their source of origin, at which point they have been depleted of up to 40% of their original nutrients. Then, once processing or home cooking is undergone, even more nutrients flee from the food (however, some nutrients are amplified when cooking occurs). 

   Soil also has a large role in the nutrients of plants. Three primary nutrients are found in commercial fertilizers, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Fertile soil, however, requires fifty two nutrients to healthfully support life. Because the soil used in most commercial farm lands is malnourished, the plants that are grown in that soil do not contain the nutrients they require to be healthy. Then, because the plants are malnourished, the plants are susceptible to weather and parasites, which influences farmers to use pesticides and GMOs for their crops to help the plants be more resistant. However, the poor condition of the plants isn’t healed, only covered up, as the bugs that attack the plants adapt to plants’ modifications. All of which could have been solved from at the source of the dilemma, the soil!

   The mixture of the lack of nutrients in the soil along with the amount of time food is separated from its source before consumers get to eat results in a wide-scale nutritional deficiency. However, consuming food as close to its source of origin as possible as a guideline for a diet will result in a healthy body, mind, spirit, and world.


“Being vegan is easy. Are there social pressures that encourage you to continue to eat, wear, and use animal products? Of course there are. But in a patriarchal, racist, homophobic, and ableist society, there are social pressures to participate and engage in sexism, racism, homophobia, and ableism. At some point, you have to decide who you are and what matters morally to you. And once you decide that you regard victimizing vulnerable nonhumans is not morally acceptable, it is easy to go and stay vegan” 

Gary L. Francione


Much love healers, keep spreading your love and knowledge!



Ryan <3




Sattvic Eating

   Sattvic eating is eating with compassion to the body, animals, loved ones, and the Earth as a whole. The word sattvic derives from the Sanskrit word sattva, which is the quality of purity and goodness. For a food to be sattvic, it must abide by the law of free will, which is every beings’ right to manifest its own reality and destiny, to the highest degree it can. Essentially, food must not infringe upon a being’s life, deciding its living circumstances, relationships, and time of passing for the being without its consent.

   Eating in a Sattvic manner allows for a clear, calm, and compassionate mind while keeping the body lean, light, and agile. 

   Foods that possess purity support anushasanam, which is the force that maintains a quiet mind and gentle nature. Anushasanam is a combination of two Sanskrit words: anu, which is a prefix, and shasanam. Anu means within a practice or learning from prior teachings. Shasanam means the learning of virtue through discipline. Together, anushasanam is indirectly translated to: growing from discipline through one’s commitment to a particular practice. 

   Sattvic foods are foods that are:

  • Pleasant to the stomach (not deep fried and possess low amounts of gluten)
  • Fresh; close to the source of origin
  • Freshly prepared; assembled and cooked as close to consumption as possible
  • Prepared in a state of love and awareness with respect to the food, oneself, others eating, and the law of free will possessed by all living beings
  • Mildly cooling (not to be followed as closely by those in colder climates), refreshing, and/or subtly sweet.

With these qualities in mind, a diet comprised of sattvic foods would consist of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts (in light amounts), and dairy in many traditions, while avoiding foods that are heavily sour, spiced, salted, and processed. The purpose of eating sattvic foods is not follow a specific diet, it is to develop compassion, maintain a peaceful state of mind, and make eating an act of selflessness as opposed to gluttony. 

   Practices that cultivate mindful eating include:

  • Cooking
  • Chewing throughly
  • Shopping close to the source (whole fruits, whole vegetables, whole grains, dried beans)
  • Buying ethnically produced ingredients such as those from farmers’ markets and suppliers with good intentions
  • Home growing food

Cooking allows love, passion, and art to be inputted into food, which is important because food carries energy, much of which is accumulated during the cooking process, all of which is then transferred into our bodies. Chewing throughly, is vital as chewing every bite of food at least twenty times allows enzymes in saliva to begin breaking down food, encourages mindful eating (focusing on what’s in the mouth as opposed to getting ready to shovel in the next bite), and gives the stomach time to realize when the body has had the right amount of food, therefore overeating doesn’t occur. Stomachs don’t send signals of “fullness” to the brain based on the quantity of food consumed, stomachs send the feeling of being “full” to the brain when it has digested an appropriate amount of energy (calories) and nutrition. For this reason, more calories of processed foods must be consumed to achieve “fullness” as they are lacking nutrients and are high in calories. The whole process of shopping for food has monumental impact on workers, animals, conditions of other countries, and the environment, which is why research and feeling the energy of the food and place of purchase must be conducted. Growing one’s own food allows a relationship constructed of love, respect, and compassion to form with plants, all of which good energy is then transferred into the body. 

   Food and water are the only things humans must actively consume; effort has to be exerted to eat and drink. While people actively consume things other than food and water such as social media, alcohol, television, clothes, and culture, food and water are required to live in the third dimensional space, as humans currently do (however, much of our race is making a transformation into the fourth dimension). Therefore, understanding food and holding the entire growing, purchasing, cooking, and eating process in the utmost important regard is vital for the prosperity of the human race and Earth, particularly with large populations eating unsustainable foods in excess. The way most “developed” countries currently eat places taxing burden upon the environment, developing countries, starving populations, and future generations. There is no more direct path to how humans shape the outside world than how humans eat. Albert Einstein described humans relationship with food and the impact it has on the world perfectly in this sentence: “nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances of survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”


Much love & namaste

Ryan <3

P.S. Many of the subjects I briefly covered in this post such as shopping, chewing, and the environmental impact of our food choices fully deserve their own posts, as there is a wealth of important knowledge behind each of these subjects.