What often brings us close to happiness is a path compiled of habits, relationships, and thoughts that do not serve our greater well being. Say you’re in a maze, and the goal at the finale of the maze is happiness, certain paths will take you close to the goal, separated only by a thin wall, yet will never allow you to reach happiness. The wall cannot be broken. If you try to break the wall, you will become stuck in the routines and thoughts that have brought you up to the wall; repetition of habits from your unaware self will not let you become happy. 

   Perhaps taking acid or some other psychedelic has brought you close to happiness before, so much so you became complete happiness for a period of time, yet after the acid wore off, you only saw happiness, you weren’t happiness. The acid granted you a bird’s-eye view of the maze, but like anything that goes up, you had to return to the maze, confined within its walls. Taking acid another time, you may take an even higher bird’s-eye view of the maze, yet again you will return. Repeatedly taking acid will not allow you the power to break through the wall between you and happiness.

    The only way to arrive at happiness is to embark on a new path. 

    Begin peeling back layers of habits, removing all excess. Remove the habits that bring temporary joy: lusftul sex, eating processed foods, tobacco, eating sugar, staying up late, waking up late - whatever habits you do not own control of. Regain the ability to live without these habits. Each layer you peel off your shell is a step closer to happiness. Eventually, you will find yourself facing the path that leads directly to happiness, and you will know it. The only thing you will need to be happy here is your breath. 

   Facing the path to happiness, you are able to see all other paths in the maze. You will see that they do not lead to an outing of the maze. All the while, you will be tempted, as the path to happiness is the one with no desires.

   Once you embark on the path to happiness, there will be confusion because it too shares practices with your previous paths. You will eat, but not indulge. You can have sex, but not to fulfill your sexual craving. You can smoke weed, but not to get high. You can have sugar, but not to satisfy your sweet tooth. Our brains complicate these truths turning them into riddles, which we will get caught in, satisfying our desires instead of remaining true. However, we must forgive ourselves and continue to head straight, now better understanding of our own ego. There is not a reason to knowingly head back towards a wall; happiness is the way out of the maze. 

   I’m only at the beginning of the path to happiness as well, still falling down, still abiding by my desires, and still taking wrong turns. Yet, when I am in awareness of the bird’s-eye view, I continue heading straight. 


Much love & Sat Nam, Namaste


Ryan <3