Physics of Spirit

    Life is not to be taken too seriously. You are born into a space that is crowded with philosophies and systems that attempt to subject you to particular treatment. While it’s healthy to understand these predetermined conventions exist, which ones you choose to abide by and which ones you choose to isolate require a balance of intuition and instinct; you can’t remove the laws of our world, but you don’t have to live in compliance with them.

   Often, a good way of determining which laws are better made obsolete and which laws cohere with your nature is to separate yourself from all conventions for a period of time. Let life happen to you. You will likely become seemingly alone for a period of time as you separate yourself from the conventions you are familiar with, but a beautiful event will occur: life will start aligning without any planning. 

   The desires you once had, you forget, then they start to manifest. The dreams you’ve had unfold into the physical, and you begin your dance with spirit. 

   The moment you realize life is happening without your direct intervention, thoughts will attempt to intervene. Simply let them pass through like a free flowing interstate; don’t let a traffic jam form. As the cars continue to pass, they will soon become quiet, then your next desire will manifest.

   When you don’t know what to do - don’t. do. shit. Forcing yourself to move on to a new activity will only create a traffic jam.

   If you’re thinking “that’s great, but I want to do stuff with my life; I can’t afford to ‘let life happen to me,’” then you are on the same train of thought most of us have been on for a large portion of our lives. If you desire to be successful, hold immense trust in the abilities of the greater divine. There is no direct path to our dreams, which is why our brain isn’t responsible for the outcome of our situation - our heart is. Trusting that we will be fed when we are hungry, without mapping the entire journey out, is crucial to our success, or more importantly: happiness. 

   Our dreams are not math equations to be solved by plugging in numbers. They are the most complex mathematics a mathematician has ever laid her eyes on. Shit so complicated it’s a black hole of understanding - the only way to reach it is to follow the pull of gravity. 

   When you let go of trying to control your life, magic starts happening. Things begin to occur that fill your heart with joy. Desires you may have always held will become frivolous, or they will create a clear path for you to continue your hike.

  When you stop placing destinations, you start reaching them.


Much love & namaste,

Ryan <3