“Chasing something to consume would be easier than being still and creating.”

   Creating physical activity, art, or a state of meditation produces solidarity in the soul yet dis-ease for ego. Ego prefers consumption. Consumption of conversation, drugs (food, sugar, caffeine, television, weed, etc.), and time puts the ego at ease. However, a hedonistic lifestyle is not sustainable. After the pleasure of consuming one thing, our ego wants another thing to latch onto; the pace of consumption accelerating the more we consume.

   Every moment we are faced with an opportunity to create or consume. In this moment, I can continue writing or I can go inside, cut open that papaya on the table in the kitchen, squeeze some lime on it, and sit in bliss as I indulge in fruit. While papaya is healthy and I have yet to eat breakfast, I desire the papaya, I don’t need it. I want to enjoy cutting it open, scooping out all the slimy peppery seeds from the inside, sinkinga spoon into its lively orange flesh, feeling the tender yet juicy texture of it in my mouth, and experience the distinct flavor of papaya flood my tastebuds as my jaws clench down on the fruit. See, that sounds like a sensual romantic affair, not a need for food, but that’s exactly how my mind sees it: an experience of the senses. Nonetheless, I am maintaining my criss-crossed position outside my apartment, typing, one word at a time, on this welcomed chilly, grey, LA morning. While my ego is urging me to go inside and eat that papaya, my divine self is flourishing with every word that comes from source, to soul, to intuition, to fingers, to keyboard, and to computer screen. 

   In dilemmas with self or ego, we are restrained from reaching our potential and sustained happiness. Ego is the devil on the left shoulder telling you to choose the path of least resistance, and that’s usually the path I go with. The path of least resistance is not the path of fruition, longevity, and peace. For me, the path of least resistance, which I am steadily trailing off of towards a path of light, consists of working a day job, living in one place, going places to buy things (usually food), and other unproductive, spirit-defiling activities: these are the endeavors that Lucy on my left shoulder loves. The path of light consists of meditation, creating music, writing, and friends, and becoming more aware of my body via hiking, working out, and yoga.

   Every moment, we are pestered by Lucy on the left. The angel on our right shoulder is settle with his will, as are all beings of light. Beings of light do not command their will upon us, as they are of the understanding that it is essential that all beings exercise free will. However, if we will to choose the path of light in this moment, we will be gracefully acknowledged.

   Right now, do not fall into your next action, move into it with diligence, as that is the difference between consumption and creation: intention.


Much love gold soul,

Ryan Tempfer.