Peanut Butter, Art, and the Sustenance for Life: Unfiltered Writings from a Friday Morning in Wales.

Peanut Butter:


   There’s an addictive quality to peanut butter. Mother nature is the perfect chef; putting both peanuts and apples on this earth is no coincidence. And God gifting someone with the idea to take peanuts out of the soil, break them out of their shell, and masticate them into a paste? A miracle. Some may say it’s fatty, but I will let them know why fats are not bad. 




“Is it art??”

“Did you create it?”


The Sustenance for Life:


   Cooking is the art of learning how to live; if I Am going to eat, I may as well manifest from my thoughts, into reality, into my mouth, into my stomach, and into my cells. Food, eather, and air are the only essentials for a third dimensional life, and the latter two are completely taken care of by Mother Nature. Food, on the contrary, has been transformed by human intuition and tools - not a bad thing. Cooking, preserving, and fermenting food has allowed us to spend less time chewing (most omnivores and herbivores spend almost half of their lives chewing) and more time to do other things such as create art, build technology, connect with spirit, and discover math and science - all of which have been used for peace and war. Transforming our food allows us to evolve because it supplies more energy (calories) to our brains and more nutrients to our cells. 

   However, we are standing by as our food turns from the sustenance for life into the sustenance for environmental degradation, animal slavery/cruelty, human disease, death, and famine. We’ve allowed the food we eat to be engineered, not artfully crafted (wordplay on the food corporation), by people who’s sole intentions are to make excessive amounts of money, not our well being. Food is now designed to be as addictive as possible, with drugs such as refined sugars, refined fats, artificially made sodium, fluoride, artificial flavors, food coloring, and preservatives hijacking our bodies chemically, neurotically, and hormonally.

   There is a simple way to radically decrease the influence of the modern industrial food system: prepare food ourselves with ingredients as closely sourced to nature as possible. Doing this shifts the power from the hands of corporations back to the Earth and ourselves: a divine relationship. We accomplish this by purchasing organic produce (or growing our own produce), cooking food in our homes, devoting creative energy to cooking, sharing our food and knowledge with our loved ones, and composting natural waste. 

   Preparing our own food is an essential tradition that has been practiced by almost every person for thousands of years… up until the last hundred years. Preparing our own food means to become in tune with our bodies, feel what they need in our hearts, and manifest that need into reality with the tools we have around us.