Dragon Ball 1: Destruction & Creation

For there to be creation, first there must be destruction.

   Renewal - destruction and then creation - occurs when an energy becomes an untested force of destructive power. Destruction brings upon destruction. The energy we project is thrown out into the universe, and like a boomerang, is bound to return to us. If we create, new manifestations will occur in our lives. If we destroy, we will not have the means to create new manifestations in our lives; we may start to build, but it will remain unstable until we make the base of our soul creation. Every thought and action is heard and understood by a force that is higher than us, that is why those with quiet minds see God in everything. 

   In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Lord Beerus, God of destruction in the third dimension (the dimension where Earth and the phenomena of Dragon Ball Z resides), travels to Earth, sees humans as an overruling race with egos higher than their actual status in the universe, and decides to destroy the Earth based upon humans’ devastating nature. However, after seeing Earth’s most powerful inhabitant, Goku, set his ego aside himself, admitting he cannot defeat Lord Beerus in battle and endangering his life to protect Earth, Lord Beerus grants Earth mercy, promising to return in three years to check the status of humans. While not in the form of a physical, life-like entity, Lord Beerus represents the Universe’s check and balance system, being an enforcer of karma. 

   Right now, we can see the havoc that humans are bringing to the Earth. With our inflated egos allowing us to believe that we can do whatever we want without any consequences, the Earth is revolting against us. Because of human activity, the Earth is deteriorating. However, the Earth is not going to face extinction, we will. Our destructive habits such as mass animal agriculture, over-population, and the way we personally treat other beings on Earth, are leading to global warming (which is killing us), deforestation of the Earth’s “lungs” such as the Amazon (which is killing us), smog (which is killing us), soil degradation (killing us), massive loss of bees (killing us) - you get the point, everything we do that harms the Earth harms us, and we’re the ones who can be wiped out because it… not the Earth. Just as Lord Beerus keeps unbalanced forces of destruction in check, the Universe maintains balance among all energy.