“Constant personal and spiritual progression generates happiness.”


   I experience happiness in waves - I experience going up the wave, the peak, the come down, and the bottom. Recently, I have been at the bottom of the wave, which has been a surprise to me as I now have my desired external circumstances of traveling freely: currently in Rome, Italy. Not remaining spiritually, mentally, and physically (health) grounded, my adjustment of scenery has been similar to changing the screensaver on my laptop: nice, but not very impactful. 

   Despite my initial confusion, I am re-realizing that a circumstantial change doesn’t equate to being more happy. Continuous inertia is cause for happiness; when we become internally stagnant, we allow holes to form in the solid ground where we drop direction, creativity, and love for all that surrounds us. I have recently allowed this to happen to myself, as I have reached my desired external circumstances of living a nomadic lifestyle without demanding obligations from others (day job), so I started to think that inner prosperity would be served to me on a plate next to olive oil tossed fettuccini and mushrooms (thank you Italy!). However, when I obtained this perspective, I became frequently distraught; I began to eat more, I didn’t fully appreciate my surroundings, and I became less adamant about writing, exercise, breathing purposefully, and meditating - practices that are grounding. Disengaged from my grounding practices, I become focused on circumstances as opposed to internal progression, which results in enjoying my surroundings less. 

   In the third-dimensional world, we will always be on the inside looking out, therefore our immediate surroundings are a reflection of what’s inside of us. Therefore, it’s vital to maintain order within our temporary dwelling places: our bodies; our temples. The more we maintain a lively and orderly temple, the more enjoyable the view is out the windows. This is the lesson I haven’t been integrating recently, as I have had circumstantial focus instead of internal focus, even though my current favorable circumstances are a result of my personal progress. 

   When ego becomes involved, we stop progressing and start expecting to progress; while circumstances can create space for happiness, they will not fill that space on our behalf.

Share your light gold soul.

Much love,