“If I start writing now, I fear I won’t stop - fear is only a limitation that exists when I allow it to.”

   The idea of limits has occupied my mental and spiritual space recently. Particularly how we (humans) believe in their existence; humans are likely the only lifeforms that allow fear into our experience. For example, a mountain goat will faithfully prance up to the edge of a 2,000 foot cliff, knowing that he is not suddenly going to fall over the edge. Therefore, he stands on the edge, embracing the profound dynamic of height. Then there’s seven year old me, entangling my limbs around a lone tree on top of Stone Mountain, crying as if life were being sucked from my soul, even though I was hundreds of feet away from all edges of the gently curved mountain. I had already envisioned myself tumbling over the edge before I had seen it, doubting my ability to stand, whether it be next to a tree or next to a cliff. The reason I wasn’t on the edge like the mountain goat embodying the beauty of the breeze, view, and headspace the moment had to offer is because I was giving fear more power than love.

   If permitted, fear will influence all endeavors of life, so we must dedicate every thought, breath, and word to belittling it. Love what is in front of you fearlessly, for it has manifested into this specific moment for you. Breath in fearlessly, for the breath we are inhaling is providing us the vitality needed to exist in our third dimensional space. Breath out fearlessly, for the breath we are exhaling is toxins leaving our body and pouring into the cells of another being of light as life. Speak fearlessly, reflecting your inner being through your words with whomever you interact with, whether it be your mother or someone you’ve never met. With powerful intention, “hello” is enough to convey your essence to another being. 

   To overcome limits, we must first be aware we have attached them to our heart/mind, or our “citta,” which is a Sanskrit word that means the essence of heart and mind in unison, forming the underlying essence of our soul. Once we are aware of our limitations, we can take proper disciplines to extinguish their influence over our actions. Embarking on purposeful detachment is a powerful way to rid ourselves of boundaries. A current adventure that embodies this I am embarking on is called “banana island,” which is another way of saying a banana fast. On banana island, I’m only eating bananas, coconut water (and the meat from young thaicoconuts which I often receive my water from), and spinach. But mostly bananas. While there is much to talk about in regards to banana island, it is a tool that is allowing me to separate myself from craving food like a drug. Even though I eat a healthy organic whole foods plant based diet, I still lust the thought, scent, and taste of food, so much so that I will think about it when I’m eating, not eating, and when I’m not even hungry; I’m addicted to food. Eating strictly bananas, coconut water (as well as coconut meat), and banana-spinach coconut water smoothies focuses my energy on being fulfilled by the support these three foods offer me. I’m noticing the limits I have around food start to diminish as I’m waking up around 7:00 A.M. with boundless energy throughout my day to run, do yoga, meditate, create, lift weights, and do things that are new to me such as spending time reading and pushing my body with breathing techniques and sensory input going from a sauna into cold water. Discipline is needed to move past our limits, however, discipline doesn’t have to be solely associated with patriarchal systems such as public schools, governments, and jobs that use negative discipline to overstep our sovereignties; true discipline is necessary in becoming the people we need to be.

   Today, know that we are limitless and take actions that defy fears. Create, share love, and do little harm in every step we take. Namaste.

Much love, 

Ryan Tempfer