Forgetting Mars

   It's been a while since I've wrote. I go through waves of time where I write my ideas or talk with others about my ideas. Both of them are necessary for me, as when I do either of them solely I notice an unbalance begin to occur in my life. 

   Being that I’ve been speaking more than writing recently, I’ve strengthened my relationship with Kim (my girlfriend), Andre, and other close friends, as well as built new relationships upon verbally sharing ideas. Not only do others hear my thoughts, I get the chance to learn from what others know, an exchange that doesn’t typically occur with writing. I have focused in on expressing myself concisely, so that others receive honesty when interacting with me, and when others receive honesty, they exert honesty. In the few weeks I’ve been spending in my hometown recently, I’ve had little in the way of small talk with people, which I find incredible because I’ve never been close with many of these people. In the few minutes we do see each other, we are [usually] able to look each other in the eye, talking heart to heart, and thinking back on all the small talk I have made in the past, is almost unbelievable.

   However, not writing as much has rendered me mentally anxious at times, even though I recognize this is a condition I have subconsciously created for myself. Writing relocates ideas from my mind and moves them into the physical plane, whether it be onto paper or onto a computer screen. Without that process, ideas begin to cycle around my head, moving in and out of my conscious focus. Much like an update on a phone, I can dismiss it, but if I don’t update it, the notification to do so will continuously pop up. Whether it be once an hour, once a day, or once a week, IT. JUST. WONT. GO. AWAY. 

   Writing is my mental update. As much as I may will for my brain to internalize that new idea I learned on Monday about chakras, it will decide to fade in and out of my focus until I sit down, write it, and expand upon it. 

   Relocation from oneself to the physical plane takes many forms other than writing, in fact, that simple process is what defines art. You may find your solace in taking photos, editing photos, cooking, making music, playing video games, working out, creating drinks, talking, or you may find it inside of ALL of those things, just as I do. Remember, however, that while they may all deserve a place in your life for different reasons, they are all manifestations of one phenomena: art.


   WOOOOO! That felt good to write. Releasing pockets of internal creative energy is ssooooo necessary, however, I’m going to refrain from writing more on that (for now) so I can share this poem I wrote with you.


Forgetting Mars:

Progressing in awe as I move towards the stars.

I’ve gotten close to Mars, but decided to simply: not.

History rests there that I do not want to touch. 

An artist once said, “I can’t see what I can’t relate to,”

So it appears that history is where we’re headin.

But heads turnin and shreddin the reflection

Past down from an upward direction.

Dropping tools of maceration

That cause only lacerations to Earth’s lively skin.

Looking up to Mars for inspiration within, 

Reading bright signs the unblind defend.

They read “please, do not do this again.”


Meanwhile, the media will play dumbfound.

Uprooting the ground while they make enough sound

To hold the blind down.

With an open look around we’ll realize:

This is home, now!

But when we act in opposition to our mother’s good-will,

Breaking all the house rules and making mother ill,

We’re forcing her decision to move us out

So she can heal.

Thank you for taking time to read about me write about my thoughts. By reading this, you are lending me your own energy, and I appreciate that from you infinitely. 

Thank you, from the bottom of my growing, glowing, green heart <3